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You’ve been sold a set of goods, an idealized and sanitized version of “truth” and “history” that seeks your compliance, your will, your wealth and for you to pursue the selfish interests of others over your own interests. God, and His “book”, has been weaponized against you. The religious leaders – the priestly caste – either knows this and is complicit in it or is blindly and willfully ignorant of this. Either way the result is the same: your compliance. They gifted you with “certainty”; certainty of how life works, how God works, and your place in this world and the World To Come. But it isn’t a gift; it’s a chain packaged as a benefit. No one told you how far the rabbit hole goes and when you point out passages that contradict, conflict or destroy their power narrative they either ignore you, brush you off or worse – cast you out like a leper. They don’t allow subversives in the Church. They don’t allow subversives anywhere near the Temples and houses of worship; the Hebrew prophets all bore this out. Subversives are however welcome in the wild and dark places, seemingly the only place that God does allow Himself to be found. But if they can weaponize the Bible, so can we. We can use it as shield and spear. The truth can indeed set you free; if you are courageous enough to hear it and seek it. Join Hesh Merroch as we investigate the Hebrew Bible – Genesis through Chronicles – and let the text speak for itself in all its glory and gore. Learn how to interpret it correctly in context. Compare what it says in one part with another. Let it subvert the lies and half-truths laid upon you from the lips of the priests. The Hebrew Bible was always dangerous and subversive when allowed to speak on its own terms. Let it. Join us on the journey on The Subversive Scribe Podcast as we investigate the Hebrew Bible from Genesis through Chronicles, it’s use and application and subvert the scribes.

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